Crossroads - Avenue for Men


As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.(PROV. 27:17)

AVENUE -  For Men is a program that works because it is a means for you to change your character, not just your behavior, through the mighty power of Jesus Christ rather than through your own power.  Many of those who have joined this program are going through the most difficult and challenging time in their lives and desire to be ‘rescued’.  It is during these tough times that great character has a chance to spawn.

In this sense, AVENUE For Men is far more than an operation of rescue --- It is an operation of destiny.  It’s all about your opportunity to become the man God designed you to be --- an honorable and courageous man of eminent faith and action greatly impacting the world around you while establishing a legacy of nobility for others to follow.  We pray that every man struggling with inappropriate sexual behavior coming into contact with AVENUE will discover and experience hope, freedom and God’s abundant life for the sake of himself and his family, or future family.

This program provides an avenue in conquering inappropriate sexual behavior via:

Ø    Creating safe, confidential small group environments

Ø    Volunteer leadership by men who care about you and your family because they’ve been there

Ø    Effectively identifying and healing root causes that transform both you and your detrimental habits.

Ø    Encouragement and reward through accountability

Ø    Education to overcome faulty beliefs

God is ready to introduce you to an effective program that not only works, but also show you others who have actually achieved healing and recovery.  God will provide you an avenue of escaping your addiction because He loves you.  Its then up to you to take notice and action in embracing the kind of help we offer.

If you are interested in learning more about AVENUE For Men, contact:

Matt Guy                                                Randy Hekman
616 262 7758                                                616 301 2904

The Gospel changes people from the inside out. Christ gives us a radically new identity, freeing us from both
self-righteousness and self-condemnation.